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No injury is the same, no diagnosis is the same, no Pilates program is the same.  As a private trainer, Mary Christhilf personalizes your training sessions and can work closely with your physical therapist, physician, or chiropractor to integrate an individual Pilates regimen that continues to address your medical challenges to show healing results.

Pilates may improve mobility and strength for those who:

  • are recovering from surgery

  • have MS

  • are breast cancer survivors

  • are aging adults with osteoporosis

  • are new mothers (pre- and post-natal)

  • have pelvic floor issues

  • have incontinence

  • are seniors with age-related compensatory difficulties

  • have scoliosis, back/neck/other pain conditions, joint problems, or difficulty with repetitive movement activities. 

Pilates teaches you how to control the body to prevent injuries, which are frequently the result of muscle imbalance. Pilates can expose deficits and target weak areas to focus on strengthening, giving you suppleness and natural grace in the way you walk, play and work.  

A Pilates regimen improves form, builds stamina, and increases pain-free power. 

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